The health hazards in the E-waste collection are as numerous as the list of toxins found inside an average PC. Metal plates inside the chassis are often coated with hexavalent chromium. Circuit boards and their components usually contain a toxic mixture of beryllium, mercury and cadmium, with individual components held together with lead solder. Old-style cathode ray tube monitors contain barium, phosphorus, hexavalent chromium, and a substantial amount of lead solder used on wires and connections.

It's because of the recognized dangers of handling these components we use glows for hands to disassemble hazardous electronic detritus, soaking circuit boards Safety equipments is present in our facility,

The health consequences to workers involved in processing E- waste are many and varied. The toxic effects of lead to the kidneys, nervous and reproductive system are well known. Exposure to mercury contributes to brain and kidney damage, as well as being linked to birth defects. Barium can cause brain swelling, muscle weakness and damage the heart, liver and spleen, and dioxin is a known carcinogen. And then there are elements found in E-waste but we are not working on this elements and we will hand over as is where is basis to the authorized E-waste recyclers those who handle this toxic materials TECHLOGIC will not handle the above mentioned chemicals.