E-waste is defined as waste electronic and electrical equipments generated at the point of no further usage for original intended purpose, but the valuable resources can be recovered in most eco-efficient manner without any damage to environment and health. E-Waste recycler is one whore cycles E-Waste,isolate the hazardous materials out of it and treat it properly, recovers the valuable resources of it, all in eco-friendly manner using scientific technologies.

Recycling, Reuse and Recovery Options:

The composition of e-waste consists of diverse items like ferrous and non ferrous metals, glass, plastic, electronic components and other items and it is also revealed that e-waste consists of hazardous elements. Therefore, the major approach to treat e-waste is to reduce the concentration of these hazardous chemicals and elements through recycle and recovery. In the process of recycling or recovery, certain e-waste fractions act as secondary raw material for recovery of valuable items. The recycle and recovery includes the following unit operations.