As a hazardous waste generator, are responsible for assuring that any container used to accumulate hazardous waste is properly labelled in order to meet regulatory requirements and assure the safety of those around us. The labelling requirement applies from the moment the first drop of waste is placed in the container. At that point, we will attach a Hazardous Waste Label to the waste container. Is an example of a properly completed Hazardous Waste label When we have multiple containers of the same waste stream that will be labelled separately.

All entries on the Hazardous Waste Label must be legible. It is recommended that entries will be made with a permanent marker or a pen containing permanent ink. Ballpoint pens, pens with water-soluble ink. We will not use pencils to fill out Hazardous Waste Labels. For large primary waste containers such as carboys, the Hazardous Waste Label will be affixed to an area of the container that is easily visible for inspection and emergency-response purposes. A waste container that is too small for a label will be placed in a zip lock plastic bag, with a Hazardous Waste Label affixed to the bag.